Many of the big UK retailers run baby and toddler events, with the big three supermarkets often vying for your custom to help boost sales, and also save yourself a good amount of money in the process. We have created this page to help point you in the direction of the biggest and best Baby and Toddler Events in 2022. Although, it is our aim for the community to get involved and also advise our readers when other baby and toddler events will be taking place.

There are usually baby and toddler events every month of the year, and December 2020 is no exception, as the UK retailers aim to either bring you in to their stores, or their websites.

Below you will find details on several retailers, and the dates they usually hold these events focussed on young children. When there is a new event on we will update each section, and also include all the latest baby and toddler events in the comments section. For those of you that are interested in the ever popular up to 70% off sale on gifts at Boots, we can tell you that this is expected to start on Friday 31st, although this is not confirmed. We will update you once it is.

Aldi – holds several baby and toddler events throughout 2020, with there always being one held in January. However, we also know that another is very likely in the summer, and also as we see the end of the year out. Whenever there is one of the Aldi Special Buys running they will be seen on this page. Update: The Aldi Baby Event is Now Live Online today, Sunday, 26th July and will be in-store Thursday, 30th July.

Online4Baby – There’s always a Clearance Sale, overall Discounts and also a Secret Deals section, which is not available to all. We have noticed over the last few months that the baby and toddler website is far more popular thanks to the discounts available on many of the big baby brands, from Joie, Chicco and many more. You’ll find discounts on hundreds of items online *at Online4Baby, and there’s also Secret Deals with an Exclusive Discount Code, which you’ll find in our Baby Bargains Group.

Asda – A popular sale is the Asda Baby and Toddler Event, which tends to happen several times a year, and we know that the retailer always holds one of these sales several times a year, with the first being in January. The New baby and Toddler Event went live this morning, September, 12, 2020 online at ASDA George.

Matalan – There’s never a specific Matalan Baby Event, but they do have a £5 and under promotion for babies and toddlers, which this retailers often pushes at certain times of the year. We know that there are times, such as right now when more items have been added, which you can see now *online at Matalan.

Tesco – We often see several Tesco Baby Events during the year, and also the first being in January. This is not one of the biggest in terms of such events, but there’s always deals to be found. The NEW Tesco Baby event is NOW LIVE, which started on, 23rd July until 18th August, 2020. There’s up Half Price on Tommee Tippee, Pampers Nappies and more *online at Tesco, with more to be found in-store.

Boots – As for the Boots Baby Events for 2020, these are always great for grabbing a bargain, especially on essentials, such as nappies etc. However, we know that while there will be no specific Black Friday Boots baby event, we know that there are reductions across most categories in-store and online during this period. There’s a NEW BOOTS BABY EVENT, which started on July 29th and includes some great deals on baby essentials *online at Boots.

Argos – Argos holds baby events throughout the year, which can often offer up to 50% off child focused items including prams, car seats and toys. There is always an Argos Half Price Baby Event during the month of November and December to take advantage of Black Friday, and the start of the Holiday shopping season. A New Baby Sale was launched today, August 26, 2020 with some great bargains to be had *online at Argos.

Lidl – While the Middle of Lidl Baby Care Event is not often as large and popular as the Aldi one, we have noticed that these are bigger at times than others, and so we have to wonder if this will become even better for this year. The Lidl Baby Essentials Event started on Thursday, 10th September, 2020.

Other Baby Events:

The Morrisons Baby Event went Live on Monday, 10th August in-store and also *online.

These are just some of the most popular baby events running in 2020, but if you would like to add any more that you know of happing in December, then please do so in the comments section below.