There are many things that new parents have to buy in preparation for when their baby arrives, and one of the most important is the baby monitor. Ok, so we know that some of you out there say that such things were not around in your day, and that new parents fuss, but it is this new kind of technology that not only helps put minds at least, but has also helps to reduce such things as cot death – although there are arguments against such claims.

This is a debate that will go on for years to come, but who are we to tell parents how to bring up their baby? We are at an age where we rely very heavily on technology, and if it makes life easier for new parents, then we are all for it.

Baby monitors are suitable for newborns, older babies and also toddlers, and so you will certainly get your monies worth. However, there are several things that you have to take in to consideration before making that purchase, such as price, whether you want audio only, video as well, and also ones that have a sleep matt and other kinds of sensors to measure a baby’s vital signs.

10 of the Best Baby Monitors – have to be the Babble Band Audio Digital Monitor, Angelcare AC1300 Video, Movement & Sound Monitor, Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Camera Kit, BT Digital Baby Monitor, Angelcare AC1100 Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, Withings Smart Baby Monitor, BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, Motorola Baby MBP26 Digital Video Monitor, Philips Avent Digital Video Monitor, and also the Babymoov Simply Care Baby Monitor. Most of these should be available to purchase from Amazon.