Ok, so we know that the likes of Primark and also Tesco sell baby and toddler shoes, but the quality and comfort of them are not going to be at the same sort of level as Clarks. What’s more is that when you visit one of their stores, you will be met by a member of staff that will measure the feet of your child correctly, making sure you know the best size of shoe, so they feel comfortable, and also still have a little wiggle movement for their feet to grow.

While there are never any Clarks baby and toddler events, there will always be sales from time to time in 2022, but whether there will be any in December – well you will just have to keep coming back to this page to see. When we come across an in-store offer we will add it in the comments section below, although it would also be nice if the Baby Deals UK community would share any deals they come across as well.

Where to find Clarks offers online in 2022 – You will want to keep your eye on the babies section, but also girls 2-4 years and boys 2 to 4 years old as well.