Last years John Lewis Christmas Advert divided opinion, but all we know is that it had a nice message, and there were some great items off the back of the TV ad ideal for babies, toddlers and young kids. The good news is that details have emerged of the John Lewis 2018 Christmas Advert, such as the song and some of the story.

In a way to win the battle of the Christmas TV Ad this year they have pulled out the big guns, and that’s Sir Elton John, although at a price – £5 million to be more precise. Sources told The Daily Mail that the advert is said to chart the course of Elton’s life. This is a huge risk, although one they feel is worth taking in order to better M&S, as it was Marks and Spencer that seemed to win out in terms of Christmas Ads last year.

As for what product placements will appear in this years John Lewis Xmas Ad we have no idea, but they are sure to be clever because after all, it’s all about the sales during the festive season.