If you are a parent or are expecting your first child, then chances are you are already a member of the My Mothercare Exclusive Club. An early preview event has been running for the past day, but this comes to an end today, and so if you do have your eye on a certain something, then you might want to make that purchase today before they sell out of what you want.

Like we said, the preview ends today, June 28th, with more than 1500 lines included on the sale. So what categories are included on the sale we here you ask? Well, this consists of clothing, pushchairs, footwear, nursery, car seats, bedding, feeding, bathing & changing, nursery playtime, and toys.

There’s up to 50% off during this early preview event, although we have seen certain sale items with even more than half off, you just have to look that little bit deeper.

For more details on this, then please head to Mothercare, but remember to sign-in to your account, or sign up for a new one.