M&S is one of those brands that people still assume that you will pay a small fortune for their clothes, but you would be wrong. Ok, so there are cheaper alternatives out there, but the moment you hold Marks and Spencer’s baby clothing items in your hand it becomes clear that they are not only soft, but also made to the highest standard.

OK, so we know that children do get their clothes dirty quick, but then you want it made for a good quality material that will not show signs of age after only a few washes. Take the Newborn styles from M&S, which have been designed to suit baby boys and girls, they not only look cute, but they don’t have that cheap, tacky look either.

In the Newborn & Unisex Baby Clothing Section on the M&S website you will be met with some NEW items, along with some much-loved Baby Blankets, Shawls & Towels, Baby Grows & Bodysuits, Baby Outfits, Baby Starter Sets, Bibs & Muslins and Snowsuits. You can view the Full Range HERE.