Update: It seems as though Asda has recalled these, as they have been offering people full refunds of the Newborn Little Angels Nappies.

There is no denying how popular Asda’s Little Angels Newborn Nappies are, although try telling that to one parent of the poor baby that suffered a chemical reaction after wearing the product. The father has since taken to social media to warn other parents of how dangerous these nappies are (or a particular bath at least), although we have to wait and see what the outcome will be now that tests are being carried out.

While Asda has not issued a recall on its Little Angels newborn nappies, they have withdrawn them from sale, and are carrying out tests on the nappies from the affected family, and also others from the batch, as it could mean that there is an issue with a certain batch.

It is worth pointing out that Asda has issued their deepest sympathy for the baby and the family, and that this issue is being taken seriously – and the withdrawal of the offended product is proof of that. They also said that Little Angels Nappies will remain off the shelf until they can find out what was the cause of what looks like the chemical burns.