We know that people have been searching to find what stores sell Minbie baby products, such as bottles, teats, dummies and bottle sets. You would have assumed that you would be able to buy these Minbie items from the likes of Mothercare, Boots, Asda, Tesco etc, but this is just not the case.

So where can you buy Minbie Baby Products in the UK? – The simple answer to that question is direct from the Minbie Online Shop. We cannot say if and when the UK retailers listed above will sell Newbie Baby Products, so for now you will have to deal with the company direct – although this is not really a bad thing.

When you land on the Minbie Homepage you are greeted with a claim, which is “Join tens of thousands of UK parents having success with Minbie’s revolutionary nipple functionality.” While we do not know just how true this is, we have been hearing many stories from parents that have backed up this claim, although we all know that each baby is very different. Having said that, it is clear to see that this brand is starting to build in popularity in the UK.

There is a great deal of information on the Minbie website, but it is the online store that many of you will be interested in, as that is where you will be able to get your hands on their products. We have had a review of the shop and it is broken down into three categories, and these are Minbie Kits, Teats and Bottles.

You will see there are 10 Kits to choose from, 4 Teats and 3 Bottles. We would like to mention that there is FREE SHIPPING for orders of £29.90 and over. There are also discounts on some of the kits, although it is worth noting that these are not as cheap as the likes of Tommee Tippee. However, if, or when Mibie becomes available in Mothercare and other such UK retailers, then we might just see those prices start to come down.

See the entire Minbie Baby Range HERE.