Tesco does have a lovely range of baby products in-store, although far less online than they used to have, which is not too big of a deal, as it gets more people in store. People are always asking when’s the next Tesco Baby event in 2023, as they do tend to have some impressive deals when there’s promotions on, as well as separate sales for F&F baby and toddler clothing.

Tesco Baby Event

When is the next Tesco Baby Event for 2023?

We often find that Tesco baby events fall within the same months each year, and so if there was one in October, then you will see it listed below, along with past baby event dates.

July – The *Tesco Baby Event is NOW LIVE and runs from 23rd July until 18th August, 2020.

January – The Tesco Baby Event went live on January 5th, although has since ended.

Is there a baby & toddler sale for Tesco in October, 2023?

From time to time when we are in-store at Tesco we do find some great deals on baby essentials, along with toys and clothing. We will list some of those that we manage to find online, although there’s always far more available in store.

There’s currently a deal running where you can get 2 lots of Pampers Nappies for £11 *online at Tesco.