Some parents love to feel close to their child, as it can often be very beneficial to the bonding process. It’s for this reason that people often opt for a baby carrier, as they give a parent that closeness, and also know that they are able to do day-to-day tasks without the worry of putting their child down, as some little ones do like to be near their parent.

We know that Baby carriers have been climbing their way up Amazon’s Top 10 of most searched items in recent weeks – and maybe this has something to do with the summer holidays, but who knows?

Anyway, below you will find the Top 5 Baby Carriers being searched on Amazon.

The Lictin Baby Wrap Carrier, which is adjustable, making it easier when breastfeeding because it also acts as a cover as well.

Next we have the YogaBellies Baby Sling Wrap, which is Super Soft and made from 100% Organic Cotton.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One is also a very popular choice, and although this might be more expensive than the others, it’s very versatile and long-lasting.

We also have the BABYBJÖRN Original Baby Carrier, which is around half the price and the one above, but is still a perfect fit from newborn, and adjusts to your growing baby.

Finally, we have the Premium Baby Carrier, which comes in neutral grey and is both cozy and soothing for babies.

This is just a small list of popular baby carriers, but what one would you recombined? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.