Britax Römer has issued a voluntary recall on some of its classic DUALFIX child car seats, the reason for which is due to a safety concern with one of its component. We can understand this will be worrying for those with one of these seats, which were sold between 3rd November 2017 and 22nd March 2018.

Rest assured the component with the issue is not used on any other car seat out of this batch mentioned above – although we know that this will not be any comfort for those with an affected model.

Check Your Britax Römer DUALFIX Seat Serial Number – If you purchased one of these child car seats between those dates mentioned above, then all you have to do is enter your serial number (without spaces) at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

If you cannot find your serial number, just look at the image provided, although more details are on the link above.

Even though there is said to only be a small number of seats affected, Britax Römer will exchange them FREE OF CHARGE for a brand new one. Please note that if you do have an affected model PLEASE STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. Also, you need to make sure that you register to get a new model ASAP. If you would like more details on this, you can either call Britax Römer at +44 (0)1264 386034 or Email them at