If you are a parent to be – and a new one at that – then taking part in specialised events is something that many of you like to participate in because it often gives you a greater insight in to a huge change in your life. The good thing is, there is no shortage of such events, with Mamas & Papas being one of the best.

Event though they had been away for a while, the Mamas & Papas PARENTS TO BE events are back – although we know you are wondering what those dates are?

The dates for the next Mamas & Papas PARENTS TO BE events are Sunday 13th August and Sunday 20th August, 2017. Don’t think that the retailer is all about trying to sell you something, as they know that getting you ready for a new baby is so important, and so they just want to give you the best start possible.

So what can you expect from these two PARENTS TO BE events? First is offering you advice from the experts, such as keeping fit during pregnancy, getting better sleep, then feeding and weaning and so much more to make certain you are ready. Not only that, but you can get together with the parents to be to share your thoughts and experiences, along with FREE drinks nibbles and other such extras.

For more details and to BOOK YOUR PLACE please visit the Mamas & Papas website.